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Here at Cost of Cancer we help those who are finding life financially difficult whilst going through treatment for cancer.

Nicky Moss the Founder knows first hand how difficult life can be when you're off work and going through treatment for cancer. Not because she's had cancer but because she nursed her best friend through the illness back in 2008/2009.

She's been determined ever since to make sure that there is financial help out there for people like her friend who had to have the heating on all through the summer because she felt the cold more. How she had to buy different size clothes as her weight fluctuated so much during treatment. She also saw how expensive it was to pay for prescriptions and hospital parking and thought things have to change.

She knows she can't make someone's hair grow back or take the cancer away but what she is hoping she can do is to help make a difference if only a small one.

For more information please go to "My Story" to read all about Nicky and why she came to do what she's doing today.

Having cancer can not only have physical burden on a family but also a financial burden

We want to make sure they can concentrate on getting through the treatment whilst we take care of the bills

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